Reception Number Work

This week, we have been looking at number six, seven and eight. It has been fun exploring how the numbers are written, watching Numberblocks to learn a little more about the number and practically exploring how to make the number. Using our own number blocks, we made the number eight in lots of different ways. Below, are some direct quotes from the children as they worked practically to make the number eight.

“Miss, I have 6 and 2. It’s 8.”

“4 add 4. 8.”

“I have a big tower. It has 8.”

“My 2 towers together, double 8.”

“5 and a 3. 8.”

Monday Mathematics

Today, during our group Maths session, we looked at part whole/partitioning numbers. Some of the children took this activity further by then writing their own number stories. It was good fun.

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How tall are you?

In Maths, we have been looking at the language of tall/small and long/short. To help us learn about this, we have used ourselves to describe tall/small. We have also made towers using counting cubes and then compared the towers to our friends. We used the language of taller, smaller, longer, and shorter to describe the comparisons.



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