St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Year 6

Remote Learning


Please see Teams for detailed information on your daily activities during remote learning.   Live ‘Meet and Greet’ starts from 9.00 o’clock am on Teams.  You need to make sure you are up and dressed each day ready to learn.  Try and  have a good breakfast every morning and brush your teeth ready for the day ahead.


A little note to say - we know it can be hard being out of a routine and away from your friends and teachers, but we will be together again soon.  If you are feeling down, remember we are here, or speak to your friends and family - sometimes just talking helps you to feel better!


We can't wait to see the wonderful work you produce.  We miss you all and can't wait to see you in class soon!

Staying Safe Online


Our eCadets have written our Online Safety Policy to help stay safe online.

Screen Time for Parents


It is also advised for adults to take a 5-10 break, after 50-60 minutes of continuous screen work. 


When working on a computer: 

■ Stretch and change position. 

■ Look into the distance from time to time, and blink often. 

■ Change activity before you get tired, rather than to recover. 

■ Short, frequent breaks are better than longer, infrequent ones.

Below are the age limits set for apps. Check before you log on!