St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Year 5

Hello my little team, 


I just wanted to say that I am so incredibly proud of every single one of you for everything you have achieved this year, how far you have come, how much you have matured and what beautifully kind, caring, considerate young people you have grown into. Thank you so much for making me love coming into school and seeing your faces every day. You've worked so incredibly hard this year and I could not be prouder of everything you have achieved.


I hope that we will be able to be back in school before the end of the year so we can build upon all the successes you have already achieved this year.


Look after yourselves and remember always to be kind!


Take care


Mrs Taylor



Hello Year Five!


I cannot believe I am writing this message instead of speaking to you. We are all going through a very hard time now. Please make sure that you are still working hard, even if you are not in school, and you are looking after yourselves and your families. It is very important that we are supportive to each other. 


I am missing you all very much - your smiles, your jokes and amazing Spanish and singing skills.  I am missing our lessons, our daily routine and laughs. 

I hope you are reading everyday and using your talents to do amazing things,  as every single one of you have something special to offer to the world !


Please keep smiling and washing your hands. 


Hope to see you all very soon.


Mrs  Bryla