St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Year 3

Hello Year 3!
‚ÄčIt feels really strange to be writing this message from home, I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you all. We never could have imagined that this is how I'd be speaking to you when we started our Year 3 journey together in September. Please make sure that you are looking after things at home in the same way we look after our classroom. This might be helping set the table for meal times, putting away your toys after you have used them, or supporting your brothers or sisters with some work they have been set. 

Please also make sure that you are making the most of this time at home, whether that is spending more time with the people you love or catching up on some parts of the work in Year 3 which you have found challenging. Try to find places around your home and garden to be creative. Maybe you could create some posters for your windows to say thank you to all of the hardworking people who are keeping us safe.

I am so proud of every single one of you and everything you have achieved so far this year! I'm already excited to see you all again. 

Look after yourselves and your families,
Miss Taylor


Hello boys and girls. I'm sure you're missing myself and Miss Taylor as much as we're missing you and I hope that you're all safe and healthy. It's been a tough and challenging few weeks for us all but we are all in this together and I'm sure it won’t be long before you're once again stepping through the Year 3 door munching on your bagel, opening your books and getting ready to learn.  Mr Thompson