St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Year 1

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is okay and being good for your families. I am missing seeing all your faces everyday. I can't wait to see you all and share news about the things we have been doing during our time away from school. Try your best to keep up with your reading, counting and handwriting. 

Has anyone done a rainbow to put in their window?

My daughter has done one and put it in our window; it's a nice thing to do for all the people helping to keep us safe.  If you can while we have some nice sunny weather, go in your garden or look out of your window and look for the new flowers that are beginning to grow. Draw some pictures of them or the birds and anything else you can see.

Take care.

 Mrs H. Skeffington

Dear Year One,
Just checking on you all. I hope you are all being good for your families and keeping up with your phonics, reading and maths. I am missing all of your smiling faces and I can’t wait to see you all again when it is safe to return to school. I know it’s hard for you at the minute to stay at home all the time but it is very important that you do.

I have been teaching my sons.  We were doing art and as you all know Ms Davies is not very good but as I always tell you, you should try your best.  I tried my best and drew a Batman and Superman picture. I will show you when we get back and I look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to.  For now stay safe and be good.
Take care and God bless you all.
Ms Davies