St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Who's Who

 Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher Miss A. Donoghue

Deputy Headteacher 

& SEND Leader

Miss J. Platt
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N. Lomax
Key Stage Two Leader Mrs K. Taylor
Key Stage One Leader Mrs E. Entwistle

EYFS Leader

Mrs G. O'Neill


Teaching Staff

Miss F. Wolstencroft

Reception Mrs G. O'Neill
Year 1

Mrs E. Entwistle

Year 2

Mrs N. Lomax

Year 3 Mrs J. Pitt
Year 4

Miss J. Platt (Mon & Tues)

Mrs R. Palmer (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Year 5 Mrs K. Taylor
Year 6  Mrs A. Lord
Key Stage Two Teachers

Mr J. Barry

Mrs D. Barratt


Teaching Support Staff
Miss C. Coffey - HLTA
Miss J. Dickinson
Miss R. Cade
Mrs H. Skeffington
Mr B. Thomson
Mrs C. Skeffington
Mrs R.Walker
Miss L. Davies
Ms G. Ince
Mrs M. Bryla


Visiting Support Staff
Mrs S. Jones - MAPA (Tues)
Mrs T. Whelan - MTAS (Thurs)
Mr P. Scholes - Beanstalk (Mon & Wed)
Mr P. Anderton - Beanstalk (Mon & Tues)
Mr B. Sixsmith - All Hallows (Mon, Tues & Wed)
Mr C. Royle - RM ICT Support (Wed)
Miss R. Shevlin - Caritas (Wed)


Administrative Support
School Business Manager Mr K. Shobo
Office Administrator Mrs H. Cooper
Office Assistant Miss L. Connaughton


Caretaking Support
Site Officer Mr C. Hudson


Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs D. Foy
Miss M. Murden
Mrs K. Kasinka
Mrs A. Graham
Mrs A. Worthington


Catering Staff
Mrs D. Jolly
Mrs D. Brown
Mrs J. Janson
Mrs J. Davenport


Cleaning Staff
Mrs A. Worthington
Mrs S. Grajales


Staff Union Representation


There is no on site union representation but all official union communications are placed in the staffroom by the office staff.