St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



In maths we have been learning about repeated addition. We picked out a number card and then made equal groups. We then showed our addition number sentences on a white board.

In Science, we have started learning about plants. We learned that seeds need soil, water, sunlight, and air to grow. We planted some seeds and we will observe them as they grow and record our observations in a plant diary.

Mindfulness We thought about the people we love and then made a card for them. We thought about why we love them and why they are special to us.

The Coming of the Holy Spirit! We came to school in ‘fire’ colours to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. We gave donations to raise money for India and the people suffering from the corona virus.

The Holy Spirit In Religion we learned about the Holy Spirit and how Jesus promised to send his helper to us after he had gone. We enjoyed making Holy Spirit mobiles to represent this.

Religion – Spreading the Good News. We created a role play to celebrate the birth of the church. We role played how the disciples were visited by the Holy Spirit and went out to spread the Good News, and from this the church was born.

Doubles in Maths! We used numicon to help us practise our doubles to 10.

In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We used bead strings to help us and played bingo with our partners!



In maths we have been learning about mass. We discussed what scales are for and compared objects by weighing them and talking about whether they were heavier, lighter, equal to and balanced.