St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School





In our geography work we enjoyed using the Beebots to help us use positional language – forwards, backwards, left, right, quarter turn. We programmed them to follow a route.

We plotted a route from the classroom to the school office. We used positional language to describe our route such as forwards, backwards, left, right, straight on, around the corner, through the door. Then in groups we made, and labelled, our own 3D maps of the route using classroom resources.

We went out to the playground and observed the physical and human geographical features. We recorded our observations on whiteboards. Then we came back to class and shared our findings with each other. We will use our observations to draw a map of the playground.



In science we have been learning about the seasons. We learned that there are four seasons and they are influenced by the tilt of the earth. We know that the earth rotates around the sun and practised this using mini globes and torches.



We have been learning about numbers 11-20 in our place value work. We enjoyed making numbers using a variety of different maths equipment. We know that we need to look for the tens and ones and must read numbers the correct way round.

The Last Supper


We learned about the Last Supper and acted it out together. We had twelve disciples and Jesus – who began by washing Peter’s feet. We chose someone to be Judas and he wondered if it might be him who would betray Jesus. We celebrated the breaking of the bread and the wine, and then enjoyed some fruit. To make sure our drama ran smoothly we had some ‘props people’ to make sure everything was set up well and they also helped to clear everything away at the end.

Design and Technology


In DT we looked at examples of jigsaws and then created our own design by drawing a picture using bright colours. Then we discussed how to cut the jigsaw into smaller workable pieces. We drew lines so that we could cut the jigsaw and then reassembled it.

Design and Technology


We have been learning about the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables, We enjoyed investigating different fruits and vegetables and thinking about what they felt like, smelled like and tasted like. We also made our own smiley faces using fruit and vegetables! They were delicious!



In our maths work we have been learning our number bonds to 20. We practised our number bonds to 10 and then used our knowledge to calculate the number bonds to 20. We used Numicon to help us and recorded our work on whiteboards.