St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Class Information




The children need to read a little bit each day.  Reading books will be changed as and when the children have finished their book but the requirement is every two weeks.  A discussion with a member of staff in class will also take place about the book before it is changed.




Maths homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by Thursday.  Topic homework will be given out on a Friday.




Spellings will be given out on a Monday and will be tested on the Friday.




P.E. is on a Friday and a Thursday.  Please ensure your child has suitable footwear in school - pumps or trainers.

Rapid Rockets


This morning in our science we looked at gravity and thrust required to power a rocket. After discussions and planning our experiment, we tried to construct our rocket to travel the greatest distance. We took into consideration weight , shape and aerodynamic properties that would aid our rockets on the playground.



Carol came to visit Year 5 this week to discuss her volunteer role in Calais helping refugees who have fled their homes. She discussed her role and how she engaged with the charity of CAFOD.

Aspirations Week


We were visited by a mechanical engineer. He spoke to us about how materials properties are essential for constructing F1 cars , Aeroplane brakes and helicopters for warfare.

Kai stated;
"Heavy metals cause the cars to have more fuel and restrict their speed."

David exclaimed;
"I didn't realise that engineers are all over the world , creating medicine , metals and medical equipment."

What a magnificent and interactive workshop.  Thank you Dr Baird for visiting.


We were also visited by Dr Malloy , a brain surgeon from Salford Royal, who came to discuss the functions of the brain and how she has spent 25 years in this career.

Pio stated,

"Dr Jane displayed her medical equipment such as a model of the brain where she showed us the parts of the brain where it controls our body , our spine and feelings."
The children were then able to ask informative questions that they had prepared for homework.

Dr Jane exclaimed,

" What a magnificent school.  The manners and behaviour displayed in every class during my visit was exceptional. The questions generated from children showed their genuine interest and the potential for them to follow a career similar to mine. I can tell that every individual at the school will achieve if they follow their dreams , work exceptionally hard and continue to be unique."



In our PSHE time, we took part in a debate in where we discussed the impact of food wastage and food recycling.  We identified who is responsible and how we can all play a part in reducing food wastage during dinner times.  We listened to a range of perspectives, shared our opinions and compromised on how each individual can have an impact.



During our English lessons, we have been inspired by the book 'The man who walked between the towers.'  As a class, we have developed our writing by adding drama and performance to help us include relative and subordinate clauses in our writing.  Below is an example of our fantastic writing.



During our Geography topic, we have been completing an investigation into how Viking place names remain in Yorkshire.  We identified how the Vikings would have used the land and why they invaded.  Using atlases and maps, we found names and locations such as farmlands and boundaries.

World Book Day 2019!