St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Class Information




Your child needs to read a little bit each day.  Your child has been given a specified day to change their books but they may also change them as and when they have read them.




Homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in the following Tuesday.




Spellings will be given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday.




P.E. is a Friday and the children also have swimming every Wednesday.



During Aspirations Week , we had a visit from AnnWilson who works with CAFOD.  This is what the children had to say:


"Ann is a person who works for CAFOD.  She came into us to tell us that we should pray for the refugees because some of them have died trying to make a safer life for themselves."

Keep Moat Homes Trip

In January, we visited Keep Moat Homes as part of our Geography topic ‘Land Use in Salford’. Keepmoat homes and Salford City Council staff delivered an information session. We were given an overview of the development including: how the land was identified for development and the suitability of the land. We learnt that the development is built on a brownfield site; what a brownfield site is, and the complications associated with brownfield sites.

Julie Baker Social and Economic Impact Manager said, “It was a real pleasure to work with St Sebastian’s Primary School and their pupils to bring the curriculum to life and help pupils join the dots to the world of work.”

We have two other trips to Keep Moat Homes planned, where we will have a chance to see a show home and have a go at brick laying.

Road Safety


We had a visit about Road Safety.  This is what the children said:

"Sally is a lady who works for Road Safety.  She came into class to tell us about what we should do to keep ourselves and other people safe.  She said to keep ourselves and others safe if we are in a car, then we need to put on our seat belt and if we are walking in the night, it is best to wear bright clothing."

Chinese New Year 2019

On Tuesday we celebrated Chinese New Year. The children talked about their traditions and what they enjoyed about Chinese New Year. One of the parents kindly brought in food they had made, for the children to try at home.

World Book Day Celebrations


This is the 22nd year there’s been a World Book Day, and today, we all came together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily. This year, the children dressed up in their pyjamas or their favourite book character. The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.


Every child received a £1 World Book day Token that can either be exchanged for one of ten special £1 World Book Day books or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more.  Please help your child to use it on or around World Book Day by visiting your local bookshop.