St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Class Information




Reading books will be changed twice a week.  Please ensure you sign your child's reading diary so the books can be changed.




English homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in the following Tuesday.

Maths homework will be given out on a Tuesday.




Spellings will be given out on a Monday and tested on the Friday.




P.E. will be on a Monday and Friday.  Please ensure you send your child with suitable footwear - pumps or trainers.

In science we have been learning about our bodies and the senses. We talked about our skeleton and felt our elbows, knees, fingers, toes, ribs and spines. Then we labelled images of skeletons with a partner to show our learning.

In our geography work we explored a modern ordnance survey map of the Windermere area of the Lake District. We labelled the human and physical geographical features. Then we looked at map of the same area dating back to 1890. We were able to recognise some of the same human and physical geographical features. We spotted the train track in both maps and realised that the town of Windermere was smaller 100 years ago and that fewer people lived there. We noticed that the name of the Ferry Hotel (1890) had changed to the Ferry House (2018) and we wondered if its use has changed from a hotel to flats. We also spotted Lake Windermere, Esthwaite Water and some tarns. We also spotted Windermere Golf Club on the modern map and some surrounding farms.

To help our PSHE and science learning, Miss Lowe, from the School Health Team, came to visit us. We learned about healthy eating and how we must eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables each day. We also learned that fruit and vegetables can be packaged in different ways: fresh, tinned, frozen, dried and juiced. Then we learned how to wash our hands properly and we made fruit kebabs. They were delicious!

Miss Lowe, from the School Health Team, came to visit us again to help us with our science and PSHE work. We talked about the different organs in the body and we reminded ourselves how to wash our hands properly. Then we made healthy sandwiches. We used brown bread and chose lots of different vegetables to add to our sandwiches. We enjoyed making faces on our sandwiches! Then we ate them - they were very tasty! At the end, Miss Lowe awarded us our Healthy Eating Certificate.

In science we are learning about animals. We discussed our favourite pets and then collected data in a tally chart. We created pictograms to show our data and finally answered questions about our favourite pets to show that we can interpret our data.