St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



In Year 1 we planted some seeds and observed how they grew. We had predicted that the seeds which had soil, water and light would grow and the others would not. We found that the seeds kept in the dark did grow but their stems were very long as they had been searching for light.

In science, we have begun learning about plants and what they need to grow. We completed a class investigation sheet and agreed that we would use the same sized tubs and use the same type of seeds in each tub to keep it a fair test. We will observe our seeds and see if our prediction is correct!

In Science we enjoyed celebrating British Science Week. In Year 1 we investigated who was the tallest member of the class. We completed our class investigation sheet and then measured each other using non-standard units. We agreed that we would use art straws and to ensure it was a fair test, we decided that we would make sure that all the art straws were the same length, and they were tip to tip when placed on the floor. We recorded our data on post-its and then lined ourselves up from tallest to shortest!