St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



This week I would like you to do some growing!  Cress heads are easy and quick ways of seeing plants grow.


Things you need:

  • empty half of an egg shell
  • some cress seeds (you can get these from most supermarkets)
  • kitchen roll or toilet tissue
  • something to stand the egg shell in.


What to do:

  • get half of an egg shell
  • wet some kitchen roll or toilet tissue and squeeze it out.
  • carefully place it in the bottom of the egg shell
  • sprinkle some cress seeds on top of the wet tissue
  • watch them grow!


You will need to check on your cress seeds and make sure that the tissue stays damp so that the seeds keep growing.  You should see them growing in a few days.


You can even decorate your egg shell with a face!


And you can eat the cress!