St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Rule of Law

Year 3 September 2018


At the beginning of the school year, we discussed as a class the rules we would like to keep for our time together. We were reflecting on what is important to us as a team. We were thinking about how rules are like our personal laws to help make our school a happy place. We will be making every effort to stick to them!


What are our school rules?


Nursery is the beginning of our journey of school life. The first thing we do is discuss how we should behave in our school.  Together we made a set of class rules that we all promised we would follow.

School Council, Pupil Voice and Play leaders

MP visit – March 2019


Our local MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, dropped into school to look at all the wonderful work that our eCadets have been producing.  She is a British Labour Party politician who was elected as Member of Parliament for Salford and Eccles at the 2015 general election.  Ms Long-Bailey told us about some of the laws that are in place to protect us online. We will endeavour to follow these laws.


Aspirations Day


This week we had the opportunity to dress as someone we would like to be when we are older. We was all dressed up as various professionals. These included a doctor, a policeman, and a fireman. We discussed why these jobs are important and the different rules each job requires and how these people keep us safe.

Year 1

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


As part of our story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we were examining what is meant by the rule of law and why it is important to follow the rules.  The children wrote letters to Goldilocks offering advice on how and why to follow the rules.

Year 3 Laws – April 2019


After considering what we thought the word ‘law’ meant, we decided to make our own laws based on what we thought was important in our country. We had lots of great ideas about how these laws good give us a better quality of life. Have a look and see what you think of our ideas!