St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Reception October 2018

International Peace Day


This week we continued to celebrate International Peace Day by talking about our own feelings and how some actions and words can hurt others. We read the story Rainbow Fish and discussed feelings and sharing. Like the Rainbow Fish, we can learn to be kind and share and think about how what we say and do affects others. Our class mission this week is to share peace, love and kindness.


International Day of Peace, or Peace Day, is held on 21st September every year. In 2001 the countries of the United Nations adopted the day and declared it a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, and over the years since then it has become more widely known.

In Reception, we celebrated this special day by taking the time to think carefully about what peace meant to us by having a short reflection, looking at images and symbols of peace and by listening carefully to a short presentation by Year 5. We hope you enjoy watching our short video on our thoughts about peace. After watching our video, why not try the peace day challenge.

Who do we love?

International Peace Day - October 2018


In Nursery this week, we celebrated International Peace Day. We looked at symbols of peace then listened to calm music whilst we thought about how we can promote peace and love to others. We each made a peace promise that we are going to keep and carry out all through our year in Nursery.

Mini Vinnies - October 2018

Would you live in a place like this? 


Our Mini Vinnies decided to explore the big question, 'Would you live in a place like this?'

This is what they found:


As part of our work with the Sustainable Development Goals, we were able to  empathise with people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Some of the children we spoke to couldn’t believe that this standard of living was a reality for some children around the world.

Whole School Peace Display

Reception April 2019

Who do we love?


This week, our class celebrated special people in our lives and the differences they make.  On Friday, we invited mums, dads, grandmas and granddads into school to watch our very special assembly.  It was lovely to see all our families in the audience supporting us.  Thank you so much to all those who came to watch our assembly and also a big thank you for all your positive feedback about how lovely and moving the assembly was.  During the session after assembly, we invited the parents back to class with us to have a play.  One parent commented on it being the best assembly she had seen and that she nearly cried because she was so proud of her child.



Harvest is a time where we come together to thank God for how lucky we are in having the things that we do. As a school, we donated some items to the Loaves and Fishes charity and they told us about where our donations were going. This made us empathise with these people and allowed us to understand the struggles they may have to face on a daily basis.


Someone special


To celebrate Mother’s Day, the children had an opportunity to invite someone special into class for a drink, a biscuit and a play. The children were able to show our special visitors their learning environment and the areas they love to learn in the most. These included the playdough area, the outdoor reading area, the mark making area and the construction area.


Year 3 Respect


We have been considering what the word respect means. Although we show respect through the smallest things we do, we decided to show some examples through drama. We made our own scenarios in groups and then ‘froze’ on the part which shows respect. Can you spot the scenarios we were thinking of through our freeze frames?

Year 2



To support our understanding of British Values, we discussed Respect and how we show respect in school. The children shared their ideas and these included smiling at others, caring, being loving, listening well, helping each other, saying please and thank you, waiting your turn, being kind and thoughtful. Then the children made posters using all their ideas.

Year 3 and Year 1 Respect


Year 3 and Year 1 decided to get together as prayer partners and have a dance about respect. We had great fun changing the words to a very well-known song and trying to keep in time with the beat!


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