St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Reception have been learning all about the celebrations that happen in church. As part of the topic, we visited our church and said a prayer.

A Prayer for Ukraine

In Reception, we have been thinking about all the people in the Ukraine who are suffering at the moment. We took some time to say a special prayer to ask God to be close to the people who are suffering or afraid and to protect them. We all tied a ribbon around our prayer tree to show that the people of the Ukraine are in our thoughts and prayers.

Pipe Cleaner Prayers - work with the Mini Vinnies and the GIFT Team

Today in Reception, we prayed using pipe cleaners. First, we made our pipe cleaners into the initial letter of the name of someone we wanted God to bless. Next, we screwed up the pipe cleaners and prayed for those people who are sick, confused or sad. To end of our prayer session, we put pipe cleaners around our wrists like a bracelet as a reminder that God is always with us.

Pipe Cleaner Prayers

Playdough Prayers with the Gift Team and Mini Vinnies

Today, we made the playdough into a ball to represent the world. We thanked God for creation and all the things he has made in the world. We prayed for places where there is war.

We then turned our playdough into a cross. We prayed for the church and the people who lead the church.

We turned our playdough into a heart shape. We prayed for our family and friends. We also prayed for those people who have no family and friends or nowhere to live.

Playdough Prayers