St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Pupil Voice

Our Pupil Leaders


Head Boy and Head Girl

We would like to welcome our new head boy and head girl to their positions.

After bravely presenting a speech to the school where they needed to explain why they would like to take on the challenge there was a general election. It was a very close contest so it was decided that each term the role will be given to a different person.


The spring head boy is Yousef

The spring deputy head boy is Emmanuel.


The spring head girl is Minahil.

The spring deputy head girl is Victoria.


We are confident that they will represent our school well to visitors and other schools. They will lead by example to be a good role model for younger children.



Our School Council


School council is made up of two representatives from each year group. The children have been selected by the class as approachable, responsible member to represent them. They attend meetings each Tuesday dinner time, for half an hour. We have an elected chair person, who  creates an agenda. we have two children who type up the minutes of each meeting. Each representative then shares the minutes with their own classes. 

The children have also been put into three different committees. The eco committee, who intend to recycle the school waste; the well being committee and the fundraising committee, who are organising a raffle to raise money for an out door library, which will encourage reading for pleasure during play times.

St. Vincent de Paul

Mini Vinnies


We are junior members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. We take part in charity work of the school, reaching out to those in need both in our own community and in places further afield. Our work has included raising money for Cornerstones (a charity to support homeless and needy pupils in the area), the Loaves and Fishes charity (helping those who are struggling to buy food), Fair Trade farmers in Panama and children who attend the Tumahole orphanage in South Africa.

We have been teaching the children about one of the sustainable development goals which is about health and well-being.  We have been teaching the children some yoga stretches!


We have also been looking at another development goal which is about education.  During lunchtime we have been reading with some of the younger children, educating them and also building relationships.

School Chaplains


Our Chaplains have a very important role at St. Sebastian’s. They have been invited by the Diocese to spread God’s word throughout our school and to lead by example. Their role will include delivering assemblies for the rest of the school community, supporting classes in their liturgies as well as reminding children about our bigger mission as a Catholic school. Our chaplains have already started on their new mission surrounding the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This a brilliant opportunity for them to make a difference and raise awareness in our community.



Our chaplains have been very busy over the term, they have made box prayers which has encouraged the children to think about how blessed they are to have a home.   They have also written prayers for those who do not have a home.

During lunchtime they also made mirror prayers with the children.  They taught the children that they are all made in the image of God.  The children were asked to look at themselves and talk about the things they like.  They also talked about how they might look like someone in their family. 

They also wrote their names on hands to show that we are all in God's hands and how He looks after us all.

The chaplains have also made dinner plate prayers.  The children made 4 different prayers in one place to show how we can pray to God for different things; help, forgiveness, thanks and awe.


Take a look at our photos to see how busy we have been!