St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Our Events

Head Boy and Head Girl

We would like to welcome our new head boy and head girl to their positions.

After bravely presenting a speech to the school where they needed to explain why they would like to take on the challenge there was a general election. It was a very close contest so it was decided that each term the role will be given to a different person.


The head boy is Pio and deputy head boy is Hesandu


The head girl is Annicha and deputy head girl is Celine.


We are confident that they will represent our school well to visitors and other schools. They will lead by example to be a good role model for younger children.

House Captains

Throughout school the children are in houses named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each week, the children earn house points and the winning team at the end of the term receives a reward. This term it is an afternoon tea. Each house has a captain from year 6 who were also elected. These children will be required to motivate their team to earn points, lead their team during sports day and into school after each playtime. They will also need to be a good role model for younger children.


Our house captains are


Matthew- David and Megan


Mark-Sophie S and Maks


Luke- Olivia and Filmon


John-Kai and Daniella

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children went to The Deans Primary School to discuss the SDG issue of gender stereotyping. Their job was to make their own presentation based on this issue as well as take part in different activities with other schools. They did a brilliant job at representing our school with such an important issue.