St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Our Class Saints

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Holy Family



In the Early Years Foundation Stage the children are learning about family and how we are part of many important families.  The feast day for The Holy Family is on 30th December 2018.

Year 1

St. Anthony














Year 2

St. Teresa of Avila



Saint Teresa of Avila believed in the idea of quiet prayer to yourself, speaking to God through our minds and thoughts.

She tried to keep Jesus alive inside of her.

That is what we try and do today. We try to keep Jesus alive inside of us by living how God wants us to. We live in the light of the Lord.




St. Teresa's feast day is 15th October.

Year 3

St Bernadette



Mary appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes.  Bernadette was confused by this but spread the message that  Mary gave her, even though she was afraid.  Lourdes is now a very special place for Catholics.


Saint Bernadette's feast day is celebrate on 16th April.




Year 4

St Francis of Assisi



Saint Francis of Assisi is the founder of the

Franciscan  order and patron saint of animals, environment  and merchants.  He was born in Assisi in Italy where a large basilica was built in honour.


St. Francis' feast day is 4th October.








Year 5

St. Sebastian



Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes and those who have given their lives in wars and combat including soldiers.


St. Sebastian's feast day is celebrated on 20th January.







Year 6

Maximilian Kolbe



Maximilian Kolbe had a vision of Mary

when he was 12 years old.  In 1918, Maximilian  Kolbe was ordained as a priest and continued to promote Mary throughout Poland.  He opened a monastery but it was shut down and he was sent  Auschwitz.  It was here that Maximilian Kolbe volunteered to die in place of a man with a  family.


His feast day is celebrated on 15th August, the

same day as the Assumption of Mary.