St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Late/Absence Procedures



What are we doing to improve Attendance?


We are introducing a new RED, AMBER, GREEN system to improve pupil attendance.


GREEN-96% and above

Your child has good attendance and the best chances of achieving his/her full potential.


AMBER-91% to 95%

Your child’s attendance has fallen below the national average and requires improvement.


RED-below 90%

Your child’s attendance is of serious concern and they are now classed as a persistent absentee.


Attendance data will be published at the end of each term.  The school and Education Welfare Officer will closely monitor those children whose attendance is AMBER or RED.


It is estimated that 1 day of absence puts a child 2 days behind in their learning.  We understand that illness is a major reason for low attendance, but please let us know if there are concerns about your child’s attendance, especially if there is any way you need support.