St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Individual Liberty

Year 3 Emmeline Pankhurst


We have been inspired by the work of the Suffragettes and the impact they have had on today’s world. We have investigated the life of Emmeline Pankhurst and the sacrifices she made for something she was so passionate about.


What is choice?


In Nursery we are very independent at making choices. We use our voice to choose where we want to learn in our provision every day. We can explain why we like to learn in these areas and what else we would like to see in the areas.  

Individual Liberty - Big question of the week.


School lunchtime is an opportunity to rest, refuel and let off some steam! It’s important to think about what we eat and how we can make the best use of this time each day, given the choices we have.

Year 3 Response to the big question


“I think our parents should help us make our packed lunches. We should help them make it so that when we get older we can make our own healthy lunches. I love having cheese sandwiches for my lunch, with an apple and a yoghurt. My mum says it’s really important to eat healthily so I can concentrate in school.”

Reception and Nursery

Response to the big question


We can choose what we eat at lunchtime but it is important we think about what we eat.  We can also choose how we spend the rest of our lunchtime, such as just chatting to our friends or playing a favourite game!


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Year 6

Individual Liberty


Year 6 considered the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through the artwork in the book - We Are All Born Free. They inferred the rights being depicted in Freedom Park and applied it to a picture of their own playground.

Year 2


In Year 2 we discussed the importance of Individual Liberty, but that with this freedom we must try to make good choices. We talked about what happens if we make a bad choice and how this can cause others to feel upset or hurt. Then we spent some time thinking about how to make good choices and after sharing our ideas we wrote our own instructions entitled ‘How to make good choices’.

Chris Lubbe


We were privileged to have Chris Lubbe, Nelson Mandela’s body guard, come to visit us in school. He told us his incredible story of bravery through the time of Nelson Mandela’s presidency. We witnessed scenes which Chris had experienced first hand. He had faced absolute hatred from so many people purely because of the colour of his skin. Instead of becoming a recluse and rejecting everyone, he decided to try and make something positive out of his situation. By protecting Nelson Mandela, he was able to stand up for such an important cause and be the voice of millions of people. It was incredibly moving and inspiring to hear such a powerful story. 


Year 1

Syrian Refugees


The children watched short clips of Arya and Minah, two Syrian refugees.  Arya lives in war torn Syria with little freedom whilst Minah moved to Britain.  They compared their lives and saw how living in Britain gave one child freedom whilst the other struggled daily.  The children took part in collective worship and said special prayers.