St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



In Year 1 we went on an amazing trip to the Lowry Art Gallery. We looked at lots of Lowry's paintings and drew sketches of what we observed. Then we made our own pop up art including our sketching work. The gallery is free to visit, and the children were really keen to go back with their grown ups over half term.

We have been adding to our working wall as we learn about LS Lowry. We have recently looked closely at his painting 'The Mill'. We spotted lots of interesting features which gave clues about Salford in 1942 including the barrage balloons, smoke, dreary weather and the people in the painting were all walking with their heads down towards the mill.

For our homework, we did our own research to find out some interesting facts about LS Lowry.

In our history work we investigated the significant parts of LS Lowry's life and used this information to create a time line. We learned about when he was born, when he died and the dates of various parinings. We also learned that he worked as a rent collector and began sketching people in the streets as his did his rounds.

In History we have started learning about LS Lowry and his achievements. We loved investigating a range of artefacts and source evidence to find out about his life.