St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



In Year 1 we have been learning about Lytham St Annes and how this coastal context differs from Salford. We discussed how Lytham has a physical geographical features such as a beach, coast, an estuary, the River Ribble and human geographical features such as the houses, roads and pier. After we had investigated some aerial maps, we made our own 3D maps of Lytham. We had great fun explaining our maps to Mrs Doyle!

In geography we investigated maps of Lytham St Anne's. We looked at an aerial map and then contrasted this with an ordnance survey map. We spotted human and physical geographical features such as Blackpool Tower the River Ribble and the estuary, the sea and the beaches. We realised there were lots of roads, villages and farmland in the area.

In geography we are comparing Salford, an urban environment, with the coastal resort of Lytham. We have learned about the four countries of the UK and their capital cities. We also learned that there are four seas surrounding the UK and labelled these on a map.