St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Poetry - Year 5 attended a zoom meeting with poet, Tomos Roberts, and lots of other schools around Salford. They listened to a reading from Tomos and then were able to ask him questions about his books.

I believe in unicorns - Michael Morpurgo. The children began reading their new narrative story. They analysed the text and illustrations from the book and then chose two colours. They used one colour to write down words that stood out to them and another colour to write down feeling and emotions of the main character, Tomas.

The children have been reading a book and writing a persuasive letter based around child labour. During an experience day, the children were split into two teams. One side was arguing for child labour to be stopped and the other team were arguing reasons why child labour can be beneficial for the families whose children work. After team discussions, they had a debate. One child listened to both sides and then formed an opinion - it was concluded that child labour should be banned.