St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Craft Club

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your families are well. I have put together some craft ideas for you to share with all your family and have some fun. Our school is full of artists so I know you’ll be great at these. Two are Easter crafts, one is for spring and the other is a family keepsake to remind us in many years about this strange but wonderful time of being able to stay at home, staying safe and making memories together.

1. Easter Bunnies Card
For this you will need coloured card, 3 empty toilet rolls, glue, white and green paint and a black pen.
Start with assembling your Easter bunny by gently pressing two of your toilet rolls in half until they are pointy and look like ears, attach them to the bunny’s face which is your 3rd toilet roll using glue and it will look like the image shown in the picture. Dip one end into the white paint and then press onto your paper to create however many bunnies you would like. Once dry, draw on the facial features, don’t forget their whiskers and add some grass.

2. Easter Egg
This idea is easy but also so much fun.
You need paper, scissors, coloured chalk and sellotape.
Cut out your egg shape and some strips of sellotape. Place the sellotape in different angels and it will create different sized gaps for you to colour with the chalk. Be creative, use any colours and then peel off the sellotape and your egg will look unique and beautiful.

3. Spring Flowers
For this craft idea you will need paper, paints, tissue, a fork and a paint brush.
Dip your fork into your first chosen paint, press and pull down towards you, it will create a flower like the image I’ve included. Then wipe your fork with a tissue and use another colour. Finally paint on your stems. Try to make it look colourful and pretty. You can add a vase to the bottom of your flowers or some grass.

4. Salt dough family hand print
To try this idea you will need, 500g plain flour, 250g salt, 250ml water and a rolling pin.
Add all your ingredients together, mix it into a dough, roll it out and then press in your hand prints, bake in the oven on the lowest temperature for 3-4 hours, once cool paint it and keep as a keepsake.

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well and enjoyed last weeks crafts. This week, I have focused on junk modelling. Save the left over empty toilet roll, cardboard boxes, milk jugs and let your imaginations run wild. Here are some ideas. 

Toilet roll aliens, traditional tale characters, superhero’s, animals, mermaids, rockets and castles or homes for your mini your figures.

You can also create a story box scene of your very own or from your favourite story. Here is an example;

You could read the popular story book Elmer and follow these instructions to make your own beautiful patch work design elephant.

You will need; an empty, clean milk jug container, scissors, brightly coloured tissue paper, glue, white card and a black pen.
Stand the milk jug up and cut into it just below the handle. This will form the elephant’s trunk. Then cut off the entire bottom half of the jug and cut four legs into it, as well as a little tail. Done! The ears are made by cutting equal sized pieces of white card into semi circles, with a tab at the bottom so you could bend it and glue onto the body. The eyes are white circles cut from card, with black pupils drawn with a pen.

Week 3 of craft club is here. I do hope you’re enjoying the activities so far. This week the activities are simple but provide lots of fun. They don’t require too many resources, I hope you can complete them.

Paper towel magic marker -
You need; paper towels ie kitchen roll, water, a plate or shallow dish, washable markers.
This is a simple activity yet has hours of beauty. Fold a paper towel in half like a card. On the front of the paper towel, draw a simple design. Then inside add more details and colours. Drop the paper towel into the water and watch designs appears and the colour spread.
Here is a video for more ideas-

Lego stamping -
You will need; Lego, paint and paper
Show your families how creative you are!
Connect your Lego pieces into mini beasts, robots, superhero cities, vehicles.
If you don’t want to use paint you can make pictures with just Lego.

Calm jars -
All you need is; drink bottle or jar, water, glitter and food colouring.
Add everything together, shake and watch the glitter settle.
I’m sure you’re all busy with family making memories, take 5 minutes from your day to sit and relax, talk about your favourite part of the day. You could also discuss what you want to do once lockdown is over or your thoughts and feelings.

Hi everyone,

It’s week 4 of crafts, the weeks are going fast. I hope you’re all enjoying some art and craft time with your families. Which has been your favourite so far?

Soap gummies -
We’ve learned the importance of hand washing but let’s make it even more fun.
All you need is;
1/2 cup of hand wash, 1/2 cup of boiling water, 2 x plain gelatine sachets, a silicone mould, 1tsp salt. Measuring cup. Food colouring if the soap is clear.
Mix the water and salt in a small pan. Empty the gelatine into a bowl and add the salt water. Stir until dissolved. Add soap. Pour the mixture into a measuring cup with a spout. Pour mixture into the moulds and refrigerate for 2 hours. They last 3-5 days.

Shadow drawing -
Pick your favourite toys may it be superhero’s, farm animals, princesses, dinosaurs, you chose and draw their outline.
All you need is; toys, sun, paper and a pencil.
Make sure the objects are in the sun forming a shadow on the paper behind. Trace and there you have it, instant fun.

Chalk paint -
You may of ran out of paint after being crafty artists but don’t worry, chalk paint is simple to make.
All you need is; chalk, a bag, rolling pin, pallet and water.
Put the chalk into a bag, crush it with the rolling pin, slowly add water then paint!!
You could paint rainbows, the inside of your shadow outline. Be creative! 

Week 5


Hello everyone,

This week as the weather is lovely and we can go on our daily 1 hour exercise, I’ve put together some ideas to do with nature. I hope you like it.

Bug hotel -
Create your own bug hotel using an old jar, bucket, plant pot, tissue box, milk carton with the top cut off or a tin can etc. Make it look lovely using sticks, grass and flowers. Keep your eyes peeled for insects and see which ones have moved in.

Colourful nature scavenger hunt -
Use paper or an egg box and decide which colours you would like to hunt for. Collect or draw your findings. Green grass and leaves, brown twigs, grey stones, black soil, yellow buttercup flowers, purple bluebells.

Nature portraits -
All you need for this is paper, glue, twigs, leaves and flower petals. Make yourself or a family member, be as creative as you can.

Name art -
Design some colourful name art for your bedroom. You can use a paintbrush, your finger tips, hand prints, it’s yours to be creative.
All you need is; A4 paper/card/canvas, A3 if you have a longer name, paint, brushes, masking tape, scissors.
Use the tape to make your name, stick it firmly down, paint over the top, remove the tape and there you have it!

Paint kindness rocks -
You could collect rocks on your walk, decorate them and even write nice words or messages then place them back where you found them for others to find.
All you need is; rocks, paint and sharpie pens

Fork monsters -
Furry monsters can be unique with lots of different shapes, colours and looks.
All you need is; paper, paint, a fork, wiggle eyes, a black felt tip, scissors.
Draw any shape you like for the outline, dip your fork into the paint and pull outwards to create the monster. Add wiggle eyes or make some with a pen and paper. Wait for the paint then draw on your mouth.

Week 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all happy and well. Board games are always great fun, it’s nice to play as a family so I’ve included some ideas to make your own DIY games. We have also been experimenting with objects around our home to paint with. Art for Kids hub videos are very good, see if you can do them too.

Balloon tennis -
Good family fun and it gets you on the move. All you need is; paper plates, balloons, masking tape, plastic or wooden spoons or wooden paint stirrer. Tape your spoon to the back of your paper plate. Then use it like a tennis racket and the balloon as your ball. Hit the balloon back and forth and see which team can keep the balloon in the air the longest.

Headbandz -
Hedbanz is an easy to play question game of ‘what am I?’ The player must ask questions to figure out what picture is on their head, is it an animal, food or object. You can’t ask ‘what am I?’ Or to make it easier the other player can give you clues such as ‘I grow on trees, I am green or red, I grow on trees.’
All you need is; a head band or two strips of paper glued together to form a band, paper and pencil to draw the image.

Hopskotch with a twist -
You can chalk lots of a physical instructions such as jog on the spot for 10 seconds, spin around 5 times, do 15 star jumps, 10 bunny hops. Or draw around your hands and feet multiple times. Instead of hoping onto them, you might have to use two feet to jump sideways then put two hands down, two feet forward, one foot down. See image for ideas.

Tic Tac Toe -
You can use 0s and Xs or draw other images. You need an grid that is 3 squares by 3 squares. Take it in turns to put down your mark. The first player to get 3 of their marks in a row (up, down, across, diagonally) is the winner.

Create your own paint brush-
We have found numerous objects around our home to paint with. They have included, a sponge, a feather, a leaf, a flower, cotton wool, tinfoil.

Art for kids hub -



Tie dye baby wipes

Baby wipes are great for art. Pinch the centre of the wipe, twist and place elastic bands however you would like. Colour in the sections, unfold, leave it to dry and there is your design. You could also turn them into butterflies! Pinch the wipe in the centre and secure it with a peg then add eyes and antennas.
All you need is; Huggies baby wipes (they are thicker) elastic bands, water colour markers, googly eyes, wooden pegs and pipe cleaners.