St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Class Information


Welcome to a new school year.




The children need to read a little bit each day.  Reading books will be changed as and when the children have finished their book but the requirement is every two weeks.  A discussion with a member of staff in class will also take place about the book before it is changed.




Maths homework will be given out on a Tuesday and needs to be returned by Thursday.  Topic homework will be given out on a Friday.




Spellings will be given out on a Monday and will be tested on the Friday.




P.E. is on a Friday.  Please ensure your child has suitable footwear in school - pumps or trainers.

Our Class Saint


Saint Sebastian



Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes and those who have given their lives in wars and combat including soldiers.


Saint Sebastian's feast day is celebrated on 20th January.


A Prayer to Saint Sebastian


Dear Commander at the Roman Emperor's court, you chose to be also a solder of Christ and dared to spread faith in the King of Kings, for which you were condemned to die.  Your body, however, proved athletically strong and the executing arrows extremely weak.  so another means to kill you was chose and you gave your life to the Lord.  May soldiers be always as strong in their faith as their Patron Saint so clearly has been.


Mrs Hall visited Year 5 this week. Whilst in our classroom, Mrs Hall engaged us in many discussions and activities looking at the 7 stages of sacraments within our faith. We discussed the stages of Confirmation and Reconciliation and their importance in achieving our vocation. We all shared our Penance prayers in our class floor book.

Year 5 attended a Level 2 sporting competition focusing on athletic skills. Children all participated in 2 events against other schools across Salford. The events included , 4 lap paarlauf , high jump , discus , javelin and many more. The children represented St. Sebastian's with absolutely magnificent performances and attitude. Mr Taylor was extremely proud of his classes accomplishment. Next term we will come away with a trophy.

We had a visitor from CAFOD’s water filter campaign, which is  helping people who face the risk of fatal disease every time they wash, cook or drink by providing simple, low-cost water filters for them.  

This water filter is a lifesaver. It transforms dirty water into clean, drinkable water in an hour. As a class we discussed how we can have an impact across the globe by living out our catholic mission. In the words of Blessed John Henry Newman, we have been created to do some definite service. God has committed some work to me that he has not committed to another. 

Leon's Adventure


This week in Year Five, we’re completing our final narrative piece of Leon’s adventure in the magical portal. The children, who have performed and dramatised scenes from the book, have worked remarkably well in their writing.

Here is a sneak preview of one of our written pieces;


Shuffling excitedly, Leon approached the enchanted portal; lush, bright, green trees swirled around him like a tornado; multi-coloured rain fell upon him. A mysterious waterfall of magic dust cascaded down into the river. Skittles, cards and fluttering doves surrounded him. This really was the magic place in between. A hallucination of astonishment blasted into his soul.


Mr Taylor, who has been immensely proud of his class all week, had the opportunity to share some of children's work in celebration assembly.

“I’m sure you’re just as intrigued by the introduction above as I am , to find out what transpires for Leon throughout his adventure.” declared Mr Taylor.

Once the writing has been finalised we hope to share the children’s marvellous writing with parents and the whole school.


The children in Year 5 this week have been looking at rounding. This has included rounding to the nearest 10 , 100, 1000 , 10,000 and 100,000.They have all worked incredibly and have even managed to look at rounding to 1 decimal place towards the end of the week. To help us with our rounding we have been inspired to sing our song to help us remember those key skills of rounding.  Below is also an excellent example of some of our rounding work this week.