St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School


Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.



Miss A.Donoghue

Deputy Headteacher

& SEND Leader


Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage Two Leader

Key Stage One Leader

EYFS Leader

Miss J.Platt



Mrs N.Lomax

Mrs K.Taylor

Mrs E.Entwistle

Mrs G.O'Neill

Teaching Staff:  
Nursery: Miss F.Wolstencroft
Reception: Mrs G.O'Neill 
Year 1:

Mrs E. Entwistle (am)

Miss J. Platt (pm)

Year 2:

Mrs N. Lomax (am)

Mrs E.Entwistle (pm)

Year 3: Miss J.Taylor / Ms E.Gill
Year 4: Mrs A Lord
Year 5/6: Mrs D.Barratt
Year 5: Mr J.Taylor
Year 6: Mrs K.Taylor
Key Stage 2 teacher

Mr J.Barry

Ms. Gill

Teaching Support:  

Miss C.Coffey  - HLTA

Miss J.Dickinson

Miss R.Cade

Miss M.Hewitt

Miss H.Skeffington

Mr B.Thomson

Mrs C.Skeffington

Miss R.Kerr 

Mrs L.Shepherd

Mr P.Christian

Ms G.Ince

Administrative Support:  
School Business Manager: Mrs G.Hill

Office Administrator

Admin Assistants 

Mrs W.Soudet

Miss L.Connaughton

Caretaking Support:  
Site Officer:   Mr C. Hudson
Lunchtime Supervisors:  

Mrs D.Foy

Miss M.Murden

Mrs K.Kasinka

Mrs A.Graham

Mrs A.Worthington

Catering Staff  

Mrs D.Jolley

Mrs D.Brown


Cleaning Staff

Mrs A.Worthington