St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



All grown up!


This week, we have been looking at how much we have changed and grown since we started in Reception. We looked at how tall we are now, how our hair has grown, how our hands and feet are bigger and how good we are at our work now compared to how we were in September. We represented these changes in drawings of ourselves and compared these drawings to the drawings we completed in September. We added our drawings to our ‘We are Reception’ display. Please come in and have a look.

Number 8


This week, we have been looking at number six, seven and eight. It has been fun exploring how the numbers are written, watching Numberblocks to learn a little more about the number and practically exploring how to make the number. Using our own number blocks, we made the number eight in lots of different ways. Below, are some direct quotes from the children as they worked practically to make the number eight.

“Miss, I have 6 and 2. It’s 8.”

“4 add 4. 8.”

“I have a big tower. It has 8.”

“My 2 towers together, double 8.”

“5 and a 3. 8.”