St. Sebastian's R. C. Primary School



Who do I talk to if I think my child has special educational needs

or a disability?


We work in partnership with the local authority to support all children and their families.


The SENCO, Miss Platt is the person responsible for managing special educational needs and disabilities at St. Sebastian’s and can be contacted on


              0161 921 1628  or via email at


The Headteacher, Miss Donoghue welcomes any parent or carer should they wish to come and discuss concerns regarding their child.  


We also have two parent liaison staff members (Miss Beverley Harrison and Miss Caroline Coffey) who welcome the pupils each day at the school entrances, help new pupils settle into the school and are available for parents to speak to should they wish to share any queries or concerns.


Our Caritas Schools' Service offers counselling services and social care support for both pupils and families on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Further details and contacts can be found at the school office.  


Should you need to seek guidance outside of the school, then the Salford Parent Partnership Service (0161 778 0538) can offer support and impartial advice. 


Provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs or disabilities is detailed in the School’s Local Offer and Information Report below. Our SEND Policy also outlines our ‘person centred’ approach - how we identify, assess and review pupils with SEN or disabilities and the nature of provision.  Our Accessibility Disability and Equality Policy also includes a brief strategic action plan for improvement.

Salford’s Local Offer:  provides information on services and support available within the area.  


Please refer to the policy below for information regarding our Admissions Policy.

Department for Education Advice on Fair Access provides information regarding pupils seeking a school place within the school year.


The following web links also provide further guidance regarding school admissions and accessing a school place:


The school's Attendance Team, together with the Headteacher and the Education Welfare Officer work closely and meet regularly with families to find solutions to improving attendance and punctuality of those potentially vulnerable pupils or those struggling with medical issues.


What's on offer at St. Sebastian's?


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