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St Sebastian's RC Primary School


Want to see what life at St Sebastian's is like?  Our gallery is here to show you:

Advent by Year 3

Our new interactive Advent Calendar is a work in progress but please try it out to get some ideas about what you can do to remember the real meaning of Advent.


Technology Week

It was time for a challenge at St. Sebastian’s – a Technology Challenge with a theme – NOAH AND THE ARK!


Mrs Bourke was slightly taken aback this week, when an unexpected visitor arrived in our Monday Assembly.

“Do you ‘knoah’ who I am?” he began.......


“I know all about building.......but ...I’m hoping you can bring me up to date with modern Technology....  You look like children who never give up.....persistent, like me.”

“I know I can trust you.......not like the cheetahs on my ark.”


“Here’s your challenge -


From Reception up to Year 3, I would like you to make something that moves that will keep us entertained on the ark.  We are squashed up together and it does get dull after a while.  


Year 4 – I challenge you to design some kind of motorised vehicle to help us lifting cargo on and off the ark.


Year 5/6 – HAHA!  I challenge you to make some motorised machines that will also help us with our daily chores.



They must be finished for Friday.  Noah excuses!”










And sure enough – Noah came back.  We exhibited our models and our parents came to view our hard work.


Luckily, we had an Assembly prepared with songs and drama.  Noah was ‘well pleased’. Take a look.  



Year 3 children used their ICT skills and our iPads to create video diaries for the animals on the ark to show what they might have been thinking. We hope you enjoy our finished video!



Year 2 would like to explain how their amazing models work...



Reception have been working very hard and having lots of fun! Have a look at what they’ve been up to.





Douglas Green, Salford M6 6ET

0161 921 1625